Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Fake Talking, Background, Fake Talking"

So my day of working on Leverage was amazing! It reminded me that one day I want to be a good enough actress that I eat on the other side of the curtain where they fed you a couple times during a fifteen hour workday. =8->

Very Christian-heavy episode, so I had a few moments of 'try my best to look super-cute', but most of the time I was just chill. Apparently, going to all the concerts and seeing them all a lot has made it really easy to not be a total fangirl when around the cast. I met some very nice fellow extras and exchanged some info. Sadly, didn't get the number or even last name of the cute boy in front of my in the-line-that-never-ends. Though I did mention Chris's concert and Will (CB) said he'd try and make it. Seriously, Christian needs to start paying me for all the publicity I do for his band. I am willing to accept payment in the form of dates with Steve.

Oh, and Amanda (of the Cole Porter inducing crush) hung out with me when we could because she's a stand-in and she even drove me in and home! So sweet! And she watched some of the dailies and swore you could see me in at least one of the scenes, so all is well!

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