Sunday, March 27, 2011

And You Need A Little More Than Just The Radio

So, I'm opening these blog up. I intended it to just be about my comings and goings in the acting world, but since the opportunities have been few and far between, this blog has suffered a lapse. I was looking at my last post and realized that while it did involve acting, it was more about inspiration (and laughing my butt off at Supernatural). So that's the new focus here. Not only when I get a chance to act, but those moments when I find inspiration. I'm also going to start posting more often. At least one post every Sunday. guaranteed. Along with drinking my full 3-cup water bottle every day, this is going to keep happening until I no longer need the reminder.

This week's post involves last night. I've gone to Christian Kane concerts before. At Dante's and Duke's (this one was at Duke's). I've heard all these songs (excluding "LA Song" which Chris performed live for the first time and which we had to help him remember) and if I don't know the words, I'm good on the mouth motions so it looks like I know the songs.

In fact, the only thing truly special about last night's concert (other than the whole cast and several crew of Leverage being there) was that I was never more cranky, cold, frustrated and nauseous (don't ask) upon arrival ever before. And you know what? By the time Christian started talking, even before the first song, all that washed away. I screamed (from the diaphragm so as not to damage my voice), sang along, and threw my hands up in the air as if I cared not, often making the sign for I Love You (which is true). I started in the back of the audience and made it as far as fourth 'row' by the end.

The inspiration here is that a band took me out of myself for the duration of a concert (and up until I got into the car). I screamed whenever Chris (or Aldis) told us to drink, even though I don't. I grinned at the references to flying down the highway in a car or gambling everything on a roll of the dice in Vegas, though I've done neither of those things. For those hours, it felt as if I had and knew exactly how they felt.

I love my music players; the one constantly playing on my computer and my CD or cassette player (I is old school) when I'm cooking. But there is NOTHING like listening to music live, as part of a crowd of people who are singing and screaming right along with you. It re-energized me, which sadly listening to music in my apartment cannot always achieve. It forced me to not let music just be background, but my sole focus. And while I can't channel that into writing music or playing an instrument, I can channel that energy in my own way. And I thank Kane for that (especially Stevie, 'cause he's my favourite).

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