Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Year, New Chapter

Wow, so it's been a while since I posted. Let's wrap some things up, first, shall we?

1. I am no longer working at Banana Republic. I earned enough to keep me in Portland another month or so. Yay.

2. Better news: The Dark Things has its staged reading as part of the Fertile Grounds festival and we were GREAT! The audience was engaged (gasping, laughing and making involuntary sounds at plot twists), we moved pretty seamlessly through our entrances and exits (a miracle since we hadn't had as much rehearsal with them), and we packed the house! All in all, a great, great cast in a show written by a great playwright and directed by a great director. In short: GREATNESS! =8->

3. I'm 22 now. People still think I'm older than I am.

Wish I had some new things to tell you about, my lieblings, but alas 'tis been quiet lately. I'm still searching for auditions, for shows to go to, and for fun to be had. I found a fabric store by Powell's and have the makings of a couple small neck pillows and a scarf. Also, will seriously take my clothes to Buffalo Exchange. Someday soon, I swear.

I do plan on going to this huge indie clearance sale thing on Sunday. Perchance to find something new and exciting there.

Possibilities are out there and I... am going to stop this sentence before it becomes New Age-y crap. No idea what lies ahead.

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