Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reading Through

Well, the firest read-through of The Dark Things happened on Sunday and I gotta say, I'm feeling pretty chuffed about this group. Our actual reading and ability to act without moving (much) was great, but the feedback we all came up with and the insights people shared and discovered were inspiring.

I was glad the discourse got me into it, because the music the author provided...well, it sounds like it fits in perfectly with the feel of the play's setting but it disturbed me. I mean, so does the play, but the music had a deeper effect. I didn't listen all the way through any of the songs, they creeped me out (this from the girl who plays "Sympathy for the Devil" and "Oh Death" incessantly some days). But I get the way the playwright, Rachel (a part of the rehearsals, which is awesome), sees The Thing and its way of moving and speaking.

I'm definitely feeling good about this show and the way we're going about it. Looking forward to introductions (official ones anyway) at the next rehearsal!

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