Saturday, August 7, 2010

Out of the Clear Blue...Gosh, Tom Lenk Has Pretty Blue Eyes...

So, I went to Tom Lenk's (he was on Buffy and on Broadway in Rock of Ages) one-man show last night. Oh. My. Collins. Head-Thrown-Back-ingly funny and sweet and plenty of theatre jokes for me to squee over.

He talked about lots of things: difficulty in relationships and the lack thereof, bedbug attacks that he could credibly liken to vampires because he's worked with vampires before, and an audience illustrated (I kid not) story of really sucky things that happened to him. But it was all the theatre jokes, the random bursting out into song (I do that too!), and the references to Broadway (one of maybe three people who knew who Alice Ripley was!) made me remember that theatre is my first love. Sure, I'm currently begging around for film/tv work, but theatre, ahhhh theatre. That's what energizes me like nothing else. And it seems Tom Lenk (who's so sweet and adorable and is descended from a long line of elves, apparently) feels much the same I do. That's awesome!

It really was a Nerdgasm and a Geekspasm!

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